Opportunities and Resources for Artists

Call for Resumes.

We are currently planning our return to classrooms and stages later this year. And we need artists to join us! Whether you worked with us before, or would be new to Talespinner, we'd love to hear from you. This call is specifically for teaching artists and those interested in being involved in a production, including performers, designer, and technical support. To be added to our roster of potential artists, please email your resume to Rachel Twardzik (they/them), our Operations and Production Manager. Use the subject line Call for Resumes, and Include how you might want to be involved--production, teaching artist, something else. Rachel Twardzik, rtwardzik@talespinnercle.org.

Finances for Artist Series

We all know that 2020 was quite a year.  And it presented special challenges for working artists, who often piece work together cross different employers, including employers like performing arts venues and hospitality which were especially hard hit.  Typically, financial management for artists is a bit more complicated than other professions, but 2020 brought extra challenges to that as well.

To help support artists as they prepare their taxes, return to working, and look forward, Talespinner Children’s Theatre, with support from Neighbor Up Cleveland is presenting three FREE workshops for artists around finances.  Workshops are led by Elaine Luttrull of Minerva Financial Arts, who specializes in building financial literacy and empowerment in creative individuals and organizations. 

Register for each session separately by following the link in the description.

Share far and wide, and hope to see you there!

Fin Series 1

Taxes are always complicated for individuals in the arts, and this year, they will be especially so as individuals navigate unemployment, PPP, and other emergency relief in addition to creative earnings. We’ll review federal and state income tax basics for creative individuals, and discuss common deductions claimed by creative entrepreneurs, plus what is different for 2020.

As part of this workshop, we’ll:

  • Review the overall income tax landscape for federal and state filings.
  • Review the unemployment and emergency relief tax implications from 2020.
  • Identify ordinary and necessary deductions common to creative businesses.
  • Identify tax opportunities for self-employed creative individuals.
Fin Series 2

2020 was a challenge but having solid records in place made applying for pandemic relief slightly easier (although still unpleasant). With that experience in mind, this workshop will help you build systems and habits to make the recordkeeping process easier. Whether you are tracking income, expenses, inventory, customers, social media mentions, grant applications, or time, this workshop reviews the pros and cons of various systems and challenges individuals to choose a system that meets their needs.

As part of this workshop, we’ll:

  • Identify records to retain for tax purposes and effective systems for tracking expenses and income.
  • List criteria for recordkeeping
  • Describe pros and cons of various systems
  • Identify categories of expenses based on recent tax filings
Fin Series 3

Pop Quiz: Who funds the arts in the United States? If you said a complex web of federal, state, and local resources, supplemented by individual contributions and purchases, you’d be exactly right. And if you quickly realized all of those sources are under financial stress right now, you’d be even more correct. As the economy and the arts industry grapple with major financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth understanding impact on funding for individual artists… And what to do about it.

As part of this workshop, we’ll:

  • Review the financial impact faced by artists as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Strategize actionable solutions to very big financial problems.
  •  Connect these solutions to taxes and recordkeeping strategies.

Digital PLAYground Postponed - New Date TBA

We have decided to postpone our Playground series at this time.
If you’re still interested in submitting a script or working with us in other capacities, please read our submission criteria carefully and fill out the contact form on our website. While we currently don’t have a reschedule date, we promise to keep you posted on future developments.
As always, thank you for your continued support and interest in creating theatre for children!

PLAYground gives Cleveland-area writers of all experience levels a chance to produce their original works for children at Talespinner!

Playwrights sixteen and older are invited to submit scripts that will be considered for a staged reading brought to life via Zoom by a team of professional artists. PLAYground scripts may be considered for a future, fully staged production at TCT.

Interested in Submitting a script?

Submission details: A preliminary script, with a list of characters, and a synopsis. It is understood that re-writes will happen between acceptance and rehearsals, but any major changes must be approved by TCT. Please make sure that your name and contact information--including email--is printed clearly on the front page of the submission. Submissions not clearly labeled will not be considered.


  • Writers must be based in the Cleveland area. Out of state or out of region submissions will not be accepted for this program. (Please feel free to contact TCT at the email address below if you would like to know if your area is included.)
  • Writers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Scripts must be an adaptation of, or based on, an international folktale, faerie tale, mythology, or work from another discipline (ie. ballet, opera, orchestra, literature.)
  • All materials on which work is based must be in the public domain. Scripts will not be considered if they are based on materials that hold current copyright.
  • All materials on which work is based must be noted for reference. (ie: “this work is based on the German folktale, Ashputel.”)
  • The script should need no more than 4 actors. (This does not mean only 4 characters! Puppets and masks can be used!)
  • Writers should be willing to work collaboratively with TCT and the artists involved in the program, and be available for all rehearsals and performances in the program.
  • Submitting writers can not have had a full production in any previous TCT producing season.
  • Folksongs or appropriate music can be included, but orchestration and instrumentation must all be able to be produced vocally, or with alternate, available, creative instruments. TCT does not use pre-recorded materials. Musical direction will not be provided, and links to source music must be provided by the writer, if indicated specifically in the script.
  • Scripts can be no longer than 45 pages.

Where to Submit

Electronic copy is preferred. Please send a word or pdf document addressed to rtwardzik@talespinnercle.org with “PLAYground Script Submission” in the subject header.

Paper copy – Please send a clearly printed copy to:

Talespinner Children’s Theatre

PO Box 602036
Cleveland, OH 44102
Attn: PLAYground