Enjoy the Magic, Creativity & Fun of Talespinner at Home!

At-Home Theatre Kits

Explore the theater arts at home with two brand new TCT craft kits that make the perfect gift! 

Our kits provide all of the supplies needed to create as well as multiple versions of instruction to suit different types of learners. Miss Asia and Miss Chrissy provide the crafting instructions as well as lessons to help bring the new theater creations to life!

Shadowbox Theatre Kit

While we aren’t able to gather on the stage in person, make a mini stage at home! In addition to creating your own stage and silhouette puppets, this kit encourages Young Artists to be a storyteller. Create the whole theater as well as the play in your own living room! With this kit, you will receive: Shadow Stage building materials & decorations Silhouette puppet materials Instructional Craft Assembly Video Links “Storytelling Workshop” Video Link

MusicBox Theatre Kit

Music plays a huge role in the creation of plays at Talespinner and for theater in general. With this kit, your Young Artist will join Miss Chrissy to create three different instruments to add music to their theatrical creations, or for every day fun! With this kit, you will receive: Rainbow Tambourine Materials Container Drums Materials Mini Banjo Materials Instructional Craft Assembly Video Links ‘Performing with Your Instrument’ Workshop Video Link

Camp Combo Kits

The At-Home Puppet and Mask Camp Combo kit was so popular, we decided to keep it around! This kit combines both Camps presented during Summer 2020 with everything needed to make unique puppets and masks from the comfort of your own home. There are no required live classes for these craft kits, so your Young Artist can create on their own schedule and at their own pace.

In this kit you will receive:

  • All crafting supplies needed (glue, scissors, rulers, etc. included!) to create two different marionette puppets, a paper mache mask, and a baseball-cap mask.
  • Five pre-recorded virtual lessons for Summer Mask Camp
  • Five pre-recorded virtual lessons for Puppet Camp
  • Written instructions


Please email our Artistic Director, Katelyn Merold, at kc.tctorg@gmail.com with any questions.

Camp Combo Kit only – $45.00
Shadowbox Theatre Kit only – $25.00
Music Box Kit only – $25.00
Shadow Box and Music Box Combo – $45.00
All three kits – $80.00

The kits are recommended for ages 6 and up, but a younger artist could participate with assistance.

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