Opening the Hearts, Minds & Imaginations of Children through the Art of Storytelling & Play

Join Us in the Magic as the Witchlight Carnival Comes to Town: D&D Campaign Preregistration Now Open!

An online D&D campaign geared toward children. This combat free, cooperative game is the perfect blend of creativity and skill great for kids age 8 and up. Join Talespinner on a magical adventure as you sneak into the Witchlight Carnival, play games, go to events and see if you can figure out the secrets of the carnival without getting caught. This campaign will run for one hour every Saturday for twelve weeks starting in early April. Preregistration will end on March 7th, 2022. After that time slots will be able for families to sign up for and pay for the program. Follow the link to learn more and fill out the preregistration form. We hope to see you soon!
Our group of professional Teaching Artists create custom, theatre arts-based workshops guided by the Ohio Department of Education Standards and Social Emotional Learning.

Each workshop is designed to enhance an educator’s curriculum, while providing children the opportunity to build and hone important social/emotional skills such as literacy, self-awareness/empowerment, collaboration and critical/creative thinking through the art of storytelling & play.

Available for Grades K - 12

Standards (Grades K - 2): 4CE, 6CE, 1PR, 3PR, 2RE, 3RE

Standards (Grades 3 - 5): 4CE, 1PR, 2PR, 1RE

Explore and enhance your classroom’s Social Emotional Learning by providing content that explores all five competencies for all grade levels:


Engaging theatrical games and activities that explore character traits, personalities, and relationships, students develop the ability to recognize their own traits, emotions, and thoughts. 


All of our Teaching Artists are trained to involve the student in solving a classroom issue or conflict. Instead of issuing an immediate punishment for adverse behavior, students are given the opportunity to assess the situation in a clear and calm conversation.

Social Awareness

Explore stories and situations through the eyes of another character and by helping to create narratives, students are able to consider diverse perspectives and to empathize with others.

Relationship Skills

Ensemble building is part of the fabric of our classes and productions alike. By working together to create a scene or play, students are able to establish and learn to maintain healthy relationships with others.

Responsible Decision Making

In addition to our method for classroom conflict resolution, students explore decision making through story development. When creating a storyline, conflict is explored from many points of view, naturally giving students the opportunity to explore their own personal behaviors, interactions, and constructive choice making through an artistic lens.

Types of Workshop Activities:

Basic Acting
Puppet, Mask Creation & Use
Story Creation
Character Creation

Have a specific theatrical subject your class would like to cover? We do custom workshops!

Single-Session Theater Workshops:

These class sessions, taught by our team of experienced Teaching Artists, range from our popular Basic Acting Skills: Mind, Body, and Voice Workshop all the way to original play creation, and with plenty in between. The content of these Workshops are always rooted in the Ohio Education Standards for Drama, focus on Social Emotional Learning, and are customizable to fit your classroom’s interests and needs.

All workshops can be taught using a series of warm-ups for the voice and body, theater games, writing exercises, demonstration, and discussion.

Multi-Session Theatre Workshops:

Looking for a more extensive experience for your students? Our multi-day workshops expand on the content offered in our single-session workshops while working towards the “destination” of your choosing.

Create and produce a final performance or dive deeper into skill development & learning. Our professional Teaching Artists play, listen, and learn, allowing your Young Artists to create their own theatrical road map.

Multi – Sessions range from three to 16 workshops. The individual workshop times can be spaced out to fit your schedule. We commonly teach one session per week for the number of weeks scheduled, but are flexible.

Program schedules are flexible with 30 to 90-minute sessions and can be taught virtually or in-person. We recommend 30 – 45 minutes for Pre-K – K and 60 – 90 minutes for 1 – 12.

Exceptional Inclusion

All of our programming and productions provide necessary support for sensory needs to support the kids and families in our community living with disabilities.

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