Creating a world where every child can see themself on stage.

Founded in 2011, Talespinner empowers, encourages and educates children and families through the theatrical arts.

Using folktales from around the world, we develop highly imaginative professional works that seek to embrace all cultures, creating an atmosphere of discovery, understanding and engagement for our audiences.

Our Board

Learn more about our incredible group of directors, creatives & specialists.

Our Core Values

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We produce shows and create classes that employ theater arts from a broad array of cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Through our Exceptional Inclusion programming, we partner with organizations and experts to help us accommodate and include differently-abled and neurodivergent audience members.

We ensure that cost is no barrier to the art of theater by paying what you are able.


We have an endless dedication to curiosity, exploration and knowledge and we use stories and theatre to explore big ideas, connect and express ourselves.

Children are Smaller People, not Lesser People

We respect and value children as fully-fledged individuals. Our works meet children where they are and our space is always child-friendly.

Artistic Value

We believe art has true value and we compensate our artists for their creativity and contributions.