We believe that children are smaller people, not lesser people.​

Founded in 2011, Talespinner Children’s Theatre is the only female-driven, professional children’s theatre in Northeast Ohio dedicated to developing and producing highly imaginative, original and interactive works from local artists designed to empowerencourage and educate children.

Our team of professional playwrights, actors, directors, artists and creatives work together to produce collaborative, original productions and educational programming aimed at opening the hearts, minds & imaginations of all children. Together, we strive to reach across socio-economic, cultural and traditional boundaries to bring inclusivityawareness and understanding to the young people (and artists) of our community.

Our mission is to develop and produce highly imaginative, original, collaborative and interactive professional works for children that also stimulate creative growth in its artists. Based on Cleveland’s west side, our adult performers produce plays for children involving acting, dance, music, puppetry, vibrant sets, elaborate costumes and special effects. Using folktales of different countries and cultures as our core, we seek to embrace world culture with “educational surrounds” in each production, bringing insights and discoveries to our audiences.

Our Board

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