Tenth Anniversary Season

Everything I Feel

Directed by: Mariah Burks

Dates: June 3-11, 2023

Miss Moody is a one-of-a-kind kid who journeys through a very special day. As her morning unfolds, all of her emotions come to life. With movement, music, and puppetry that capture some of our biggest feelings like fear and sadness, Everything I Feel is a new adventure with familiar friends, perfect for audiences aged 0-5 and the grownups they bring with them to the theatre. 

Past Performances in our 2022-2023 Season

Aponibolinayen in the Sky (a tale of the Philippines) by Elana and Les Hunter

Directed by Carrie Williams 

Dates: October 8th-23rd, 2022

Fridays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm

Join us as Aponibolinayen (also known as Apo) leaves her village, finding herself on an adventure in the sky! Surrounded by a host of fantastical characters, she finds herself not only exploring this new world but also who she is. Created in collaboration with Dr. Zeny Jandi and the Philippine American Society of Ohio (PASO).


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The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack Keats

Adapted for the stage by Jerome Hairston, Based on the books by Ezra Jack Keats

Originally Produced by Children’s Theatre Company

Produced by special arrangement with Plays for New Audiences

Directed By Heather Utsler-Smith

Dates: December 3rd-18th, 2022

The wonder of a fresh snowfall, the delight of whistling for the first time, the awe in finding a special treasure comes to life in The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack Keats. This story celebrates the joy in the small moments of a child’s world.

Hook & Smee by T. Paul Lowry

Directed by Ren Twardzik

Dates: March 11th-26th

In honor of ten years of shows, welcome back a popular TCT show. Captain Hook is a name to send delightful shivers down the spine of anyone who knows the tale of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. But have you ever wondered just how Hook came to Never Never Land with his merry band of buccaneers? This is the story of how Hook met Smee and came to be the scourge of “the Land of Pan.” Your favorite characters are here, but get ready for some giddy surprises that will make you clap your hands with glee.

The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus by Eric Coble

Directed by Matt Loehrke

Dates: April 15th & 16th at 3pm

8-year-old Sheila and her pack of pals aren’t going to let the summer heat wear them down. When their fantastical junkyard fort draws the attention of a walking, talking, surprisingly well-dressed coyote, the adventurers suddenly find themselves deep in the desert. A unique twist on traditional storytelling, where a bit of moonlight brings a menagerie of found objects to life, this original play shows the power of memory and imagination and will captivate and inspire audiences of all ages. 

Show length approx. 45 minutes

Tickets on sale now!