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Summer 2021 Traveling Outdoor Summer Show

The Kid from Kittlerumpit

Written by Erin Dolan
Directed by Katelyn Merold

Show Themes: Family, Individual Empowerment, Creative Problem Solving

Set on Scotland’s Shetland Islands, MacKenzie MacKinnon MacIntosh (Mack for short) is a kid with a big name and an even bigger problem! Roaming the shores of Mack’s hometown, Kittlerumpit, is a mysterious creature named Whuppity Stoorie, who is turning parents into farm animals. With the assistance of a couple of helpful magical creatures, Mack sets off on an adventurous journey to save both his farm and family. 

Spring 2021 Virtual (online) Production: The Girl Who Swallowed the Cactus (in Your Home)

Sheila and her friends find themselves on a mystical journey that could change the course of human and animal-kind forever! When a mysterious coyote with sunglasses and pick-up truck steals the group of friends’ orange traffic cone, the crowning glory of their dirt-road junk-pile fortress, an adventure and a true test of bravery and friendship begins!