Teaching Artist Opportunities

Talespinner Children’s Theatre (TCT) is excited to announce that we are seeking passionate theatre artists to join our 23/24 Teaching Artist Cohort! As TCT grows, so too does our impact and reach throughout Cleveland – and that’s where you come in! 

Who is TCT?

Founded in 2011, TCT is Cleveland’s only dedicated professional children’s theatre. From our humble beginnings of creating and presenting original adaptations of folktales, we have evolved our company to continue to honor new works in Cleveland, and to join with other Children’s Theatres across the nation to develop and evolve productions, education opportunities, and equitable practices for young people, their families, and their communities.

Now located in our new home at 78th St. Studios, TCT annually presents 5-6 professional productions that are either Theatre for Young Audiences, or Theatre for Very Young Audiences. We conduct three class sessions during the school year, host robust summer camp sessions, conduct camps during school breaks, as well as providing opportunities at schools with residencies and touring productions.

Currently, TCT has a full time staff of three people, and during the 22-23 season, TCT contracted 40 professional artists.

Talespinner Children’s Theatre is Cleveland’s dedicated theatrical home for all children and families, creating inclusive, accessible, and meaningful professional productions and educational opportunities that engage, empower, and inspire. 

What does a TCT Teaching Artist do?!

In-house classes

During the school year, TCT hosts theatre classes at its space at 78th St Studios. Student ages range from 0-16, and topics presented run the gamut of theatre topics from acting and improv, to masks and musical theatre and more!

School Residencies

Working with teachers and their school communities, TCT teaching artists make an impact by providing a myriad of support and enrichment opportunities to students. Residencies are developed to support and meet the individual needs of the school. Topics can range from theatre education, theatre-integration into other academic subjects, and social emotional learning to name just a few.

Summer and School Break Camps

When school is out, it’s a fun time at TCT! Typically, these week-long experiences have campers coming to TCT for most of the day to have theatre fun. Camp weeks have a theme and goal that campers work towards for an informal presentation during their last day of camp. Past themes included pirates, comedy, maks and props, musical theatre, and more!

Touring shows

TCT produces two touring shows a school year; one in the fall, the other in the spring. TCT Teaching Artists are vital to the success of these productions to be performers AND teachers. Touring productions have the opportunity of furthering the touring production by presenting workshops and other experiences to our tour hosting organizations. 

How will I create these experiences for young people?

The internal TCT staff handles the initial coordination and planning of all education experiences at TCT. Once TCT and the presenting organization are in agreement, the TCT education department drafts up an outline breaking down of the expected outcome, teaching points, student considerations and other factors to a TCT Teaching Artists with suggestions of how they can accomplish the experience. We then ask the TCT Teaching Artist to flesh out the outline with their own ideas. This completed outline is reviewed by the TCT education department for a double check and to provide any further guidance. 

What qualities/previous experience are you looking for in a TCT TA?

TCT Teaching Artist are DEFT, meaning they are able to (be):

  • Demonstrate their knowledge and passion while teaching
  • Empathize with the young people they are serving
  • Flexible with expectations and logistics of a dynamic classroom setting 
  • Tenacious to approach every teaching opportunity as best they can 

In addition to being DEFT, applicants should have the following qualifications:

  • Applicants must be at least 21, and if hired, must be fingerprinted and pass a background check (both items reimbursed from TCT). 
  • A degree in theatre is not required. Applicants must have at least three years of theatre experience through various productions, classes, or other opportunities. 
  • Previous experience of working with young people is required, however these experiences do not have to be theatre related. It can be working with youth through community events, school functions, long-term child care, some experience where you were responsible to provide positive experiences for youth. 
  • Access to transportation to get to TCT and/or residency locations. 
  • It is core to Talespinner and our values that our teaching artists reflect the diversity of the city of Cleveland. BIPOC, global majority, Indigenous, Latine, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other people of color are highly encouraged to apply. We recognize that our identities are intersectional, and work intentionally to create spaces in which we can bring our whole selves to work, including a diverseness of gender identities, sexual orientations, physical abilities, mental health statuses, nationalities, ages, and backgrounds. Talespinner is particularly seeking bilingual Teaching Artists, especially those who speak Spanish, so we can best meet the needs of the Cleveland Metro School District.

TCT TA Training – Fall 2023

TCT Teaching Artist training is a paid experience (and there are usually lots of snacks)!!! Training will be on the dates/times listed below at our office at 78th St. Studios. If you have some conflicts with this schedule – please still apply and let us know of conflicts in your message to us.

  • TBD Early September based on TA availability.

Wages and hours available

TCT Teaching artists make $22-$25/hr depending on their previous experiences. Further compensation is provided if a Teaching Artist is required to work extensively outside of working with students and if a commute is more than 15 miles from TCT. All education materials and supplies are provided by TCT (with approval and notice). 

We currently anticipate offering 4 people to join our 22-23 Cohort with approximately 10-20 hours of work per week for each person. 

How to apply!

Please email the following information to TCT’s Director of Education, Matt Loehrke, at matt@talespinnercle.org

  • Resume of previous work experience (if you have an acting or teaching resume, please send that as well – though it is not required)
  • Two, non-family references with email addresses. One that can speak to your theatrical work, and one that can speak to your work with young people.
  • An informal message answering the following questions in a very conversational manner, in any order:
  • How did you end up calling this corner of the world home?
  • What is something you learned from a young person?
  • Why is theatre important?
  • Tell us something a teacher did in your past that impacted your present (positive or negative).
  • Anything that is or is not on your resume(s) that you would like to highlight.

Please email these items by the end of day Friday, August, 18, 2023. Applicants may be asked to conduct two rounds of interviews, depending upon the number of applicants and prior experience.

If you do not have access to email, please call 216-264-9580 to make other arrangements.

I have questions, who should I talk to?!?

Send any and all inquiries via email to TCT’s Director of Education Matt at matt@talespinnercle.org

We look forward to hearing from you – have a wonderful day!