Inclusion is within everyone's ability​.

About Exceptional Inclusion (EI)

TCT’s Exceptional Inclusion program now applies to every mainstage (and traveling) production! 

In 2019, TCT introduced its Exceptional Inclusion program, with stand-alone productions that worked with and supported kids and families in the Cleveland area living with disabilities. The goal in creating this program is not only to provide a theatre space that is truly for everyone, but to expand TCT’s mission of diversity. Talespinner wants all children to have the ability to recognize qualities and characteristics they find in themselves, represented on stage. The Exceptional Inclusion program is the next step in working towards that goal.

The Exceptional Inclusion program will now be incorporated into every mainstage show. In addition to the artistic content, each production will provide audience support. Elements such as lower lighting, audience interaction, and sight and sound experiences will be taken into consideration and pre-curtain resources will be available, such as sensory kits, personnel to assist audience members, and comfortable areas in the facility where kids and families can step away if they need to.

This programming extends beyond our stage to our classroom. Our trained Teaching Artists have the ability to plan workshops to suit different sensory and physical needs, creating a welcoming learning environment for all students.

Would you like to learn more about how to visit us or bring Exceptional Inclusion programming to your organization? Please fill out the form below. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Exceptional Inclusion Programming is made possible in part through the generous support of our sponsors