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Classes at Talespinner Children's Theatre

We are so excited to be offering a full eight-week session beginning in January 2023!

Parent and Me
Children Birth-age 3

Saturdays Jan. 14 through March 4, 2023 (8 Sessions) 9:00am to 9:45am

  • $160 for access to all 8 classes (*no RSVP required for the winter 2023 sessions

  • $120 for a “punch card” of five class sessions (*RSVP required to confirm availability per sessions)

  • $25 drop in day of class (*RSVP required to confirm availability per sessions)



Grounded in exploration, cooperation, and most importantly – PLAY, Parent and Me classes are designed to allow parents/caregivers and their children engage in structured, creative theatrical play. All Parent and Me classes are drop-in*, so no previous experience in Parent and Me classes is required. Come play, and make new friends at TCT!



Registration for Parent and Me classes is for one student and two other adult family members/caregivers (18 and older). The two adults may change throughout the class so more adults in your child’s life can get in on the fun!   


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First Stages:
Grades Prek-1

 When the youngest of performers are ready to take the stage on their own, TCT is ready for them! First Stage classes give young performers the opportunity to develop performing skills using familiar themes and characters. First Stage classes culminate in a free “informance” (an informal performance!) on the last class session.

Thursdays: Seuss Shenanigans
January 12 through March 2, 2023 (8 Sessions)
5:30pm to 6:15pm

Saturdays: Courageous Canines
January 14 through March 4, 2023 (8 Sessions)
9:00am to 9:45am

Tuition: $175






Seuss Shenanigans: What do the Things of Dr. Seuss do all day? Do they run and play? Make fancy wigs with hairspray? Jump in piles of hay? Or even attend a ballet?! To find out, signing up for this class is the only way!




Courageous Canines: Cleveland is in trouble, and only the brave Pups of TCT can help! Each week, the courageous canine crew of TCT will tackle unique challenges that only paw-esomness, paw-sitivity, and paw-formance can solve!


Adventure Classes:
Grades K-6

Adventure classes at TCT allow students to explore and grow in different areas of theatre. No previous experience is required, and students with previous experience will have opportunities for growth as well. Students can take multiple adventure classes and experience new opportunities every time. Adventure classes culminate in a free “informance” (informal performance!) on the last class session.

Puppet Adventures — Neverland!
January 14 – March 4, 2023 (8 Sessions)
Grades K-2: 10:00-11:00
Grades 3-6: 10:00-11:00

Acting Adventures — Nautical Nonsense!
January 14 – March 4, 2023 (8 Sessions)
Grades K-2: 11:30-12:30
Grades 3-6: 11:30-12:30

Tuition: $200



Puppet Adventures – Neverland: Second star to the right and straight on to… puppets?!?! Students will explore the wide range of characters and stories found in Neverland, all the while learning to create and perform with their own puppets they will get to keep!

Acting Adventures – Nautical Nonsense: Avast and laugh me’hearties! The Captain’s birthday is fast approaching, and the crew of silly sailors is working together to create some hilarity on the high seas. The crew’s antics and jokes better delight, or they just might end up walking the plank!


What is an informance? Informal + Performance = Informance. Most TCT classes end with an informance to give students the experience of performing in a fun and safe environment surrounded by their family and friends, and their TCT instructors!

TCT Winter 2023 Class Schedule by Date

January 12 – March 4, 2023 – 8 consecutive sessions per class



  • 5:30p-6:15p: First Stages (Grades PreK-1) Seuss Shenanigans


  • 9:00a-9:45a: Parent and Me (Ages Birth-3)

  • 9:00a-9:45a: First Stages (Grades PreK-1) Courageous Canines

  • 10:00a-11:00a Puppet Adventures (Grades K-2) Neverland!

  • 10:00a-11:00a Puppet Adventures (Grades 3-6) Neverland!

  • 11:30a-12:30p ActingAdventures (Grades K-2) Nautical Nonsense!

  • 11:30a-12:30p ActingAdventures (Grades 3-6) Nautical Nonsense!

More important information

All classes at Talespinner Children’s Theatre are designed to be accessible, inclusive, and adaptive — we are committed to being Cleveland’s theatrical home for all children and families, and would love to speak with you about ways we can best meet the needs of you and your child. For more information, to set up a pre-class site visit, or to help us get to know you better, please reach out to our Director of Education, Matt Loehrke at 

Scholarships are available for all Talespinner Children’s Theatre classes. Please contact for more information